Commit abd80b2c authored by Adrien Bourmault's avatar Adrien Bourmault 💻

Correcting faulty recipes

parent 70131df3
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
## VERSIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------ #
GCC_NAME = gcc-10.1.0
GCC_NAME =gcc-10.1.0
BINUTILS_NAME =binutils-2.34
# GCC 10.1.0
......@@ -75,26 +75,18 @@ $(GCCTARNAME):
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Downloading BINUTILS sources...${CL3}
@wget $(BINUTILS_SOURCES) -O $(BINUTILSTARNAME) -q -c --show-progress
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Deflate $(GCC_NAME) sources...${CL3}
@tar -xaf $(GCCTARNAME) --skip-old-files
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
./build-binutils: $(BINUTILSTARNAME)
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Deflate $(BINUTILS_NAME) sources...${CL3}
@tar -xaf $(BINUTILSTARNAME) --skip-old-files
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
build-binutils: $(BINUTILS_NAME)
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Configuring $(BINUTILS_NAME)...${CL3}
@mkdir -p build-binutils
cd build-binutils && ../$(BINUTILS_NAME)/configure --target=$(TARGET) --prefix="$(PREFIX)" --with-sysroot --disable-nls --disable-werror
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
$(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-objcopy: build-binutils
$(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-objcopy: ./build-binutils
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Compiling $(BINUTILS_NAME)...${CL3}
cd build-binutils && make -j $(NTHREADS)
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Compiling $(BINUTILS_NAME)...${CL3}
......@@ -102,7 +94,10 @@ $(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-objcopy: build-binutils
cd build-binutils && make install -j $(NTHREADS)
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
build-gcc: $(GCC_NAME)
./build-gcc: $(GCCTARNAME)
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Deflate $(GCC_NAME) sources...${CL3}
@tar -xaf $(GCCTARNAME) --skip-old-files
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Configuring $(GCC_NAME)...${CL3}
@cp multilib.opt $(GCC_NAME)/gcc/config/i386/t-x86_64-elf
@patch $(GCC_NAME)/gcc/config.gcc < patch-red-zone.diff
......@@ -110,7 +105,7 @@ build-gcc: $(GCC_NAME)
cd build-gcc && ../$(GCC_NAME)/configure --target=$(TARGET) --prefix="$(PREFIX)" --disable-nls --enable-languages=c,c++ --without-headers
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
$(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-gcc: $(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-objcopy build-gcc
$(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-gcc: $(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-objcopy ./build-gcc
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${NC}Compiling $(GCC_NAME)...${CL3}
cd build-gcc && make all-gcc -j $(NTHREADS)
cd build-gcc && make all-target-libgcc -j $(NTHREADS)
......@@ -121,18 +116,17 @@ $(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-gcc: $(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-objcopy build-gcc
@echo It is located in the cross-cc subdirectory.
-@mkdir -p build-gcc build-binutils
-@rm -rf build-gcc
-@rm -rf build-binutils
-@rm -rf cross-cc
@mkdir -p build-gcc build-binutils
@rm -rf build-gcc
@rm -rf build-binutils
@rm -rf cross-cc
-@rm -rf $(GCC_NAME)/gcc/config/i386/t-x86_64-elf
-@patch -R $(GCC_NAME)/gcc/config.gcc < patch-red-zone.diff
-@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
@rm -rf gcc*
@rm -rf bin*
@rm -rf *gcc*
@rm -rf *bin*
@echo ${CL2}[$@] ${CL}Success.${CL3}
cross-cc: $(PREFIX)/bin/x86_64-elf-gcc
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