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# System76 Open Firmware
# Coreboot-Tianocore for Clevo based laptops (based on System76 Open Firmware)
An open source distribution of firmware utilizing coreboot, EDK2, and System76 firmware applications.
Please note that only the darp6, galp4, lemp9, oryp6 models are officially supported - if you brick your device it will be up to you to restore the current firmware using an external programmer.
If you would like to view schematics for any supported System76 model, please send an email to with the subject line Schematics for MODEL, where MODEL is the name of a directory in the models directory, such as darp6.
This fork has been made to permit the use of this project without System76 branding at boot and a more "stock" Tianocore distribution
## Dependencies
### Update submodules
### Install toolchain
......@@ -108,9 +111,9 @@ SPIPI=<user@spipi> ./scripts/ <model>
- [apps](./apps) - Applications
- [coreboot]( - coreboot README
- [ec]( - System76 EC
- [edk2]( - EDK II Project
- [edk2]( - EDK II Project
- [edk2-non-osi](
- [edk2-platforms]( - This branch holds all platforms actively maintained against the
- [edk2-platforms]( - This branch holds all platforms actively maintained against the
- [FSP]( - Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) Binaries
- [libs](./libs) - Libraries
- [models](./models) - Models
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